Roni Horn : Saying Water
Roni Horn
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9782598914112
$10.36 (Member Price)

Audio CD

Artist Roni Horn performs a 61 minute monologue reading from her writings on water.
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Another Water
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
Price: $58.00
Member Price: $52.20
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"What do you know about water? Only that it's everywhere differently." Roni Horn In 2000 Roni Horn published Another Water, an examination of the water of the River Thames through extensively footnoted photographs. This new edition of Another Water includes a new edit of the photographic aspect of the work.
Roni Horn : Artist's Portfolio
artists' books, Dia artists
Roni Horn
La Fabrica
Price: $65.00
Member Price: $58.50
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For this edition of La Fabrica's Artist's Portfolio series, Roni Horn (born 1955) contributes one of her most recent series, titled Untitled (Mother, Wonder). Horn's 24 images are superbly reproduced loose-leaf in printed card covers, on heavy card stock.
Roni Horn : Haraldsdottír Part 2 (Island)
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
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Roni Horn's "To Place" series is about the connections between identity and location. Haraldsdóttir, Part Two, is the tenth volume in this series. It is related to Haraldsdóttir, which was published in 1996.
Roni Horn : Herdubreid at Home
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
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"Iceland is really the center of action for me," Roni Horn has said. "Since I grew up in New York people think I'm escaping from all its lunacy. Not at all. When I go to Iceland that's where I get nervous, where I think: 'Oh my God, this is intense.'" Horn's new book Herdubreid at Home is a collection of photographs of the Icelandic landscape.
Roni Horn : Index Cixous (Cix Pax)
Roni Horn
Steidl Books
Price: $30.00
Member Price: $27.00
Limited Stock: 1

Inspired by the philosopher and writer Hélène Cixous, which whom the photographer and artist Roni Horn has collaborated before, Index Cixous questions the nature of language in its most fundamental sense and proposes a version--one without words, but which can be read as any other. Both Horn and Cixous are concerned with communication wrought out of material space. Cixous writes about women?s language arising from the female body, and she argues for a new language, one not in thrall to patriarchy but that acknowledges the life-giving force and history of the feminine.
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