Drawings After the Codices Madrid of Leonardo Da Vinci
Beuys, Cooke, Kelly, etc.
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9780944521342
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204 pages

A group of drawings, part of the "raw material" for a multiple that the German artist Joseph Beuys had produced four years earlier, was purchased by Dia Center for the Arts in 1979. One of a number of major pieces in Dia's collection by this seminal postwar German artist, it forms the object of study and documetation in this publication.
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Joseph Beuys : The Reader
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Twentieth-century artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986)--legendary and self-mythologizing, enigmatic and controversial--remains an important influence on artists today.
Joseph Beuys: Arena Where Would I Have Got If I Had Been Intelligent!
Dia artists, Dia publications
Cooke, Kelly & Beuys
Dia Art Foundation
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Edited by Lynne Cooke and Karen Kelly. Comprised of one hundred panels, two stacks of fat and metal plates, and an oil can, Arena-where would I have got if I had been intelligent! (1970/72), a major autobiographical work by Joseph Beuys, is documented here in this comprehensive, scholarly book for the first time in detail.
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