Jenny Holzer : Laments (paperback)
Jenny Holzer
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9780944521175
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28 pages
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The texts printed in this book are reproductions of the original drawings for the inscriptions on thirteen stone sarcophagi installed at Dia, March 1, 1989-February 18, 1990.
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About Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer
Microcinema International
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Claudia Müller's film follows the artist over the course of 10 years at work and through numerous exhibitions, making Holzer's art tangible as it traces her career, from the young artist putting up posters in New York in the late 1970s to one of the most influential female artists of today. Jenny Holzer's work demonstrates that while art may not be able to change the world, it can heighten our awareness of what surrounds us every day.
Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer
Phaidon Press, Inc.
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Jenny Holzer gained widespread recognition when texts from her Truisms series appeared on a vast electronic advertising board overlooking Times Square. Throughout her career, Holzer has intrigued audiences by placing her provocative messages in unexpected contexts, including posters, metal plaques, stone benches, electronic signs, television spots and Web sites.
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