Joseph Beuys: Arena Where Would I Have Got If I Had Been Intelligent!
Cooke, Kelly & Beuys
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9780944521298
$48.00 (Member Price)

294 pages

Edited by Lynne Cooke and Karen Kelly. Comprised of one hundred panels, two stacks of fat and metal plates, and an oil can, Arena-where would I have got if I had been intelligent! (1970/72), a major autobiographical work by Joseph Beuys, is documented here in this comprehensive, scholarly book for the first time in detail. The one hundred panels include 264 photographs of Beuys's actions and sculptural objects from 1947-1970. The work is fully illustrated in 102 full-page color plates and 45 black-and-white comparative photographs. Essays by Pamela Kort and Christopher Phillips. Interview with Lucio Amelio. Introduction by Lynne Cooke. Foreword by Charles Wright. Glossary fully identifying each of Arena's panels.
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Joseph Beuys in Basel / Bd. 1 : Feuerstatte
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Dieter Koepplin
Schirmer / Mosel
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German Text : The Kunstmuseum Basel was one of the first to acquire the work of Joseph Beuys and has subsequently built an unrivalled collection covering all periods and areas of the artist's oeuvre. The museum now presents this collection in several catalogues, to be accompanied by two major exhibitions. Vol. 1 covers Beuys' much-debated installation 'The Hearth'.
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