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Carl Andre : Sculpture as Place,1958-2010
Yasmil Raymond
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9780300191714
$52.00 (Member Price)

Pages: 400

Carl Andre (b. 1935) redefined the parameters of abstract sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a highly influential voice in the American minimalist movement, recognized for his ordered linear and grid formats. In the early 1960s, Andre's creative focus shifted to writing poetry when he took a job as a freight brakeman and conductor for the Pennsylvania Railroad. His poems echoed and extended the themes in his sculptural work, and his experience with the railroad significantly influenced his choice of materials in later years. In this stunning catalogue, which accompanies the first retrospective of Andre's work since 1970, the artist's legacy is examined in eleven essays by international scholars. The book presents a broad range of sculpture made over the past fifty years, including Andre's emblematic floor and corner pieces, highlighting his radical use of standardized units of industrial material such as timber planks, concrete blocks, and metal plates. A vast selection of Andre's previously unpublished concrete poems, together with letters, postcards, ephemera, and documentation of important installations, further complements our understanding of an essential figure in the history of contemporary art. Yasmil Raymond and Philippe Vergne; Edited by Michelle Piranio and Jeremy Sigler. Published by Dia Art Foundation in association with Yale University Press.
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This dynamic collection of essays and exhibition reviews charts the gradual evolution of consensus on the meaning of Andre's art among the most influential art historians and critics of our time.
Carl Andre : Glarus 1993 - 2004
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"When this beautiful catalog was first proposed, I rashly promised to write a dedicatory poem for it. But when I saw the first proof pages, it dawned on me that all the works which Elsbeth and Ruedi had made possible for me to create are in themselves an ongoing poem which I could never surpass." So writes Carl Andre of his work in Glarus, a Swiss mountain town.
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Just as Carl Andre's sculptures are "cuts" of elemental materials, his writings are condensed expressions, "cuts" of language that emphasize the part rather than the whole. Andre, a central figure in minimalism and one of the most influential sculptors of our time, does not produce the usual critical essay. He has said that he is "not a writer of prose," and the texts included in Cuts -- the most comprehensive collection of his writings yet published -- appear in a wide variety of forms that are pithy and poetic rather than prosaic.
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