Zoe Leonard : You See I Am Here After All
Leonard, Shaw, Cooke etc
Dia Art Foundation
ISBN: 9780300151688
$28.00 (Member Price)

Pages: 224

Zoe Leonard's You see I am here after all brings together thousands of postcard images of the 'great cataract,' Niagara Falls, from the early 1900s through the 1950s. It is the companion publication to the recent installation at Dia:Beacon. This grand accumulation of viewpoints brings up issues as diverse as human interventions with nature and the function of landscape in inventing American historical narratives, as well as the technological evolution of image reproduction and dissemination.
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The bodies of work by artist Zoe Leonard that form this publication s centerpiece pose fundamental questions about the medium of photography and the nature of sight.
Zoe Leonard : You See I Am Here After All
Leonard, Shaw, Cooke etc

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"Very aesthetically pleasing publication - includes fantastic accounts of experiences at Niagara Falls -Zoe Leonard brings together text from the postcards in a poetic and intriguing way, and provides great insight into the transformation of a natural wonder to a tourist destination (with human intervention)." - Melissa Toth, Visitor Services, Assistant Manager
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