AC : Aernout Mik : Dispersion Room : Rev
Kasper Koenig
Museum Ludwig Koln
ISBN: 9783883758275
18 K (Member Price)

45 pages
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Amsterdam-based sculptor Aernout Mik creates walk-in installations where video film combines with architectural elements to transform familiar spatial structures into unfamiliar and provoking ones. Two of his newest and most important works show absurd film scenes on a backscreen foregrounded by an actual identical scene: illusion vs. reality. Mik's grotesque, amusing, and at the same time serious films deal with the behavior of people in a group, highlighting their actions, interactions, and reactions.
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A giant spoon with an enormous red cherry snaking out of the earth, a humongous badminton birdie, an oversized piece of cake, squishy scupltures--these are some of the works for which Claes Oldenburg, the artist who helped redefine sculpture in the 1960s, is best known. However, because they have been less documented, Oldenburg's happenings and performances have not been fully integrated into the critical discourse surrounding his work.
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