Dan Graham : Two-Way Mirror (NTSC)
Dan Graham
Dia Art Foundation
4.00 (Member Price)


Based on Dan Graham's Rooftop Urban Park Project, which opened as an extended exhibition at Dia, 548 West 22nd Street on September 12, 1991.
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Architecture/Astrology : By Dan Graham and Jessica Russell
Dia artists, recent arrivals
Dan Graham
Walther Konig
Price: 39.95
Member Price: $35.96

Artist Dan Graham and writer Jessica Russell's playful Architecture/Astrology considers some of the most important and innovative figures in the world of architecture from an angle few would expect: their star signs.
Dan Graham : Architecture
Dia artists
Graham, Dan
AA Publications
Price: 30.00
Member Price: $27.00
Limited Stock: 5

Through various writings and a survey of his projects, this book presents a body of work situated on the edge between suburban architectural cliches, "high" architecture, and "low" corporate architecture.
Dan Graham : Rock/Music Writings
Dan Graham
Primary Information
Price: 18.00
Member Price: $16.20

Rock/Music Writings collects 13 of Dan Graham's most influential writings, on bands ranging from The Kinks to Bow Wow Wow, first published in art journals such as Real Life, Open Letter and ZG between 1968 and 1988, and in the now rare volume Rock My Religion.
Dan Graham : Two-Way Mirror (Pal)
Dia artists, Dia publications
Dan Graham
Dia Art Foundation
Price: 5.00
Member Price: $4.00

Based on Dan Graham's Rooftop Urban Park Project, which opened as an extended exhibition at Dia, 548 West 22nd Street on September 12, 1991.
Dan Graham's New Jersey
Dia artists
Dan Graham
Lars Muller Publishers
Price: 65.00
Member Price: $58.50

An homage to the photographic work of the world-renowned American artist Dan Grahamn including photographs from his famous 1960s series Homes for America and a re-visit of the New Jersey sites.
Nuggets : New and Old Writing on Art, Architecture, and Culture
Dan Graham
JRP I Ringier
Price: 29.95
Member Price: $26.96

This important and substantial collection brings together an assortment of texts both old and new, with writings on art, artists' books, architecture and various artists Graham admires, such as Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Claes Oldenburg, Jeff Wall and John Chamberlain.
Rock My Religion : Writings and Projects 1965-1990
Dia artists
Dan Graham
MIT Press
Price: 21.95
Member Price: $19.76
Limited Stock: 4

Dan Graham's artworks and critical writings have had an enormous influence on the course of contemporary art over the past quarter century. Rock My Religion collects eighteen of Graham's essays from all periods of his work, beginning with his essays on minimalist artists such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, continuing with his writings on punk rock and popular culture, and concluding with his more recent considerations of architecture, urban space, and power.
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